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»19« by Symphonic Stereo

Cover of 19

<b>The waking drum machine.</b>

Here is a very dreamy EP we received from synthpop duo Shaun & Andrea , better known as Symphonic Stereo , who debuted on the well-received Starving But Happier comp earlier this year.

For this release we have five songs of tranquilizing, reverberated vocals grounded by modest bass-snare-hihat drum patterns - lending to similarities with Figurine or perhaps The Russian Futurists under general anesthesia.

Standout tracks include the nicely balanced “Lorn/Tara”, “Come Over” with its upbeat vibraphone melody, and the lulling “Slowest Emotion” with a bass-driven melody and shuffling rhythm.

The group is also curating an upcoming mp3 compilation called Love Tara and has another netlabel release planned for later this autumn, so stay tuned.

Netlabel: Please Do Something
Release Date: 2004-01-04
Release-ID: pls006
Music Style:
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