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»Untitled« by Primula

Cover of Untitled

Recently I was sitting outside Please Do Something headquarters enjoying some one-way conversation with the neighborhood pets that seem to like our overgrown yard. Cats in particular have this very expert way of weaving their bodies circuitously through tall-stemmed weeds and flowers – no unnecessary noises.

Who knew such a fitting soundtrack was waiting in the mailbox just behind me?

Well, we received this very interesting cd-r from Japanese artist Primula (Daisuke Masuo), who also avoids unnecessary noises.

On it were two deliberate & meticulous songs, unembellished and very honest tunes built from a simple inventory of sounds but full of understated feeling & all-around niceness. ‘Untitled I’ is a peculiar track with its thin percussion just out of synch with the melody enough to give it a jazz-like freedom, and it works very well with the subtle synth strings. More upbeat, ‘Untitled II’ brings Masuo’s synth percussion into more familiar form paired with a nice melody.

It’s been a good summer.

Netlabel: Please Do Something
Release Date: 2004-01-04
Release-ID: pls005
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