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»Wedding Rings & Bullets In The Same Golden Shrine« by Sickoakes

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Between Rock & An Unobserved Place

“In the early summer of 1999 David, Jonas, Mats and Simon got a key to a room in an old candy factory in Nynäshamn. In this factory there were some instruments. They took some deep breaths of dust (asbestos, concrete & other stuff) and started to play…”

A few name & lineup changes later, Sickoakes in 2003 is making some of the finest, seriously-amped-up rock minimalism around. In this three part epic, Wedding Rings & Bullets In The Same Golden Shrine, the ensemble scours a landscape of lonely radio tunings, glacial woodwind & brass harmonies, all resolved in stunning fashion by overdriven delayed guitars pegged to a frenetic drumming. Whatever was vague and unknowable in the first two movements gives way to an unmistakable fury and clarity in this powerful 15 minute piece.

Sickoakes is from NynÃshamn, Sweden.

mats: delayed guitar, simon: delayed guitar, david: bass, jonas: delayed saxophone, percussion joel: delayed trumpet, trombone, xaphoon erik: drums, xylophone, guitar, percussion

  1. Wedding Rings & Bullets in the Same Golden Shrine

Netlabel: Please Do Something
Release Date: 2004-04-01
Release-ID: pls003
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