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»Fastas« by KOSIK

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Proving “fusion” is not always a dirty word.

Matthew Borghi and Michael Kirson-Goldapper are KOSIK. With releases on Ghostly Int’l, Kikapu, and a long player scheduled later this year on Simballrec, positive rumours about this diverse sound seem to be spreading quickly.

For Please Do Something, the two childhood friends offer Fastas - a three track EP that treads into and out of waters charted by the likes of Air and Radiohead. It’s a release that represents a departure from their more electronic work and introduces a sound with simple melodies made rich by a strong foundation of electric guitar, piano, and acoustic percussion.

The pieces here are well-balanced and they highlight a musical economy that helps KOSIK create pieces that are engaging yet don’t ever say too much, nor is it ever overdone in production.

‘1,000 Birthdays’ sees lazy drumming ushering odd vocals with a soft analogue lead into short outbursts of electronic percussion and a brisk bassline.

‘Center In, Center Out’ is a pretty and reflective song with piano and analogue textures. The chord progression is an unresolved sort and it evokes that feeling to very nice effect.

The final track, ‘Wishing Well’, is a tentative guitar meditation with horn swells signalling the arrival of… well, we don’t know. But that’s really the strength of Fastas; everything that goes unspoken in these tracks is somehow, strangely, fresh in mind.

The original release page also includes some photographs by KOSIK’s Matt Borghi, as well as the Fastas video. Check them out.

  1. 1000 Birthdays
  2. Center In, Center Out
  3. Wishing Well

Netlabel: Please Do Something
Release Date: 2004-04-01
Release-ID: pls002
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