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»Lost Pets« by Khonnor

Cover of Lost Pets

Toward a new electronic romanticism.

One of the most interesting new faces in independent electronic music this past year has been Khonnor (aka Grandma and I, Cactus). At only 16 years of age, his unique style signals a new dialect in the language of electronic music – one built from an engaging confrontation of nostalgic themes and artful digital interruptions.

The music in Khonnor’s world is a private sort, evocative and transporting. A strange music that makes you feel old for the first time and new in the most familiar way.

With three EPs on the venerable Monotonik label, an mp3/cd release as I, Cactus with 8bitpeoples, and a forthcoming release on upstart label Type, we’re very pleased to offer these six new tracks – certainly among his most beautiful work to date.

Here is an important musical talent equally at home in the past and present, making sweet vignettes with just the right amount of light.

  1. Executioner The Rat
  2. Rooms
  3. Coffin Story
  4. Cantelopps
  5. Crab Foils (Fast Foils!)
  6. I Was Everything You Wanted Until I Quit

Netlabel: Please Do Something
Release Date: 2004-02-01
Release-ID: pls001
Music Style: AMBIENT – IDM
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