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»Re-Passage 2« by Various Artists

Cover of Re-Passage 2

Passage presents an overview compilation devoted to the label’s update - now Passage is a part of FUSELab media association. This compilation covers the musical matter that already became familiar to our listeners and also sets a new vector of resource’s development.

The collection consists of two equal parts separated by a thin emotional edge and includes works of permanent label artists, as well as entirely new heroes’ magic. Sublime passages of Clouds In My Home, Gaston Arevalo and 9 Fake Tears, deep rich worlds of Clapan, Polar Lights and Feldmaus, thin enveloping textures of Offthesky, Lazzich and Naono, multifaceted design of Slow, Doyeq, Unique Matter and so much more.

Large-scale extragalactic regatta came to the finish – meet!

Netlabel: Passage Netlabel
Release Date: 2010-12-21
Release-ID: pass011b
Music Style: AMBIENT
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