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»Another Syntax Error« by If:Then:Goto

Cover of Another Syntax Error

‘Another Syntax Error’ qualifies simply as good song writing. Nothing tech, nothing too fancy - just good production, soulful vocals, inspiration, and catchy choruses. A mixture of brit-indie, guitar, and electronic music taken down his own path.

Finding Paul Benham’s music was like stumbling across a favorite band I had somehow missed. Then I found out it was only one person, an avid songwriter with a prolific output that would be admired by many musicians.

To top it off and spin things up, ‘ASE’ is closed out with 3 remixes from favorite One artists - including Emil Klotzsch, Bad Loop and Recue.

The artwork for this release is presented with the DIY intent to leave some of the actual process and final design to you. With rough guidelines for cutouts (recommended to be printed on light card stock) and printable stickers.

There are a few images included in the download to help give you an idea of where to start. Enjoy yourself, be creative, have fun. You can’t go wrong.

  1. elk statement [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  2. easy [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  3. san antonio [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  4. painting by numbers [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  5. queen of bees [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  6. san antonio (recue remix) [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  7. easy (bad loop remix) [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  8. son antonia (emil klotzsch remix) [MusicBrainz (recording)]

Run time 37:46

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2005-11-08
Release-ID: one022
Music Style: INDIE – ROCK
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