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»Trcutu« by Makunouchi Bento

Cover of Trcutu

This latest offering from Makunouchi Bento is a special one indeed - interpretation of and sound excursion into a few of their favorite classical compositions by such powerful and original composers as Erik Satie, Anton Arensky, Maurice Ravel., they hold nothing back while adapting them within the Mabento realm.

With its twists of melancholy, nostalgia, and even childlike amusement - Trcutu manages to hold onto a genuine historical and aesthetic interest found within some of the originals. At times picking up the melodies and running them through the spontaneity and textural styles of their own; while at others working not just from the originals but the influence and atmosphere felt by listening to them. Cover artwork by Guillaume Richard (kaneel). Gallery by Adrian Leverkuhn and Katharine Mahalic.

Run time 39:44

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2005-06-04
Release-ID: one020
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