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»Vitoru« by Makunouchi Bento

Cover of Vitoru

This experimental ep was made for the Romanian magazine INCEPEM, issue 3 (september) with FUTURE set as the theme. Makunouchi Bento (or mabento for short) developed it following the speculation that digital music technology is increasingly moving torwards their attempt at recreating analog warmth and real world modeling (instruments, ambience/room, the recreation of previous mediums, etcs).

This paradox is approached in a variety of ways here; sometimes through atmosphere, others through tube emulation and so on. Even with this concept in mind the emotive influence on the artist remains and Vitoru posseses the ability to place a listener in a familiar state of being in an unfamiliar surrounding (aside from the humorous and rhythmic opening of “rhybot”).

Acest ep nu este si nici nu se vrea altceva decat un experiment. Am pornit de la speculatia ca partea audio a existentei noastre va suna tot mai digital si generativ ca si concept (o interpolare a tuturor genurilor muzicale actuale ) dar tot mai uman si “cald” (analog / tubes) ca si sound - dat fiind faptul ca softurile (digitalul) incearca paradoxal sa emuleze soundul analog. Partea noisy si digitala se imbina cu instrumente “aproape” reale si totul suna “uman” desi cu radacini digitale nu general evidente. Toate trackurile sunt special produse pentru “incepem 3” si cd-ul (ep-ul) a fost facut in editie limitata si unica de 15 bucati.

  1. rhybot
  2. jeskovabot
  3. cariul d
  4. jazbot
  5. voiaj in vitoru

Run time 19:22

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2004-09-01
Release-ID: one013
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