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»Ecru« by Lomov

Cover of Ecru

These bites of electro, techhouse, idm and ambience by Axel Bergk further explore the minimalist corners of One. Often exploring disharmony made naturual by under-pinned hooks, subtle changes, atmospheric textures, and repetition.

Just shy of an hour, Ecru is a long player that with patient listening reveals a comfortable coherence. While being mostly minimal and beat driven it doesnt fail to bring up emotion or experience thats important to every release selected here. Tracks like Inphyne represent his techniques within a 12’’ beat-laden world, while Comolei and others explore the ambient side of things, bringing the atmospheres into the forefront. Mix in some elements of dub for good measure.

  1. inphyne
  2. gomay
  3. comolei
  4. clymin
  5. moon74
  6. squadder
  7. moogit
  8. sulpio
  9. steomat

Run time 53:52

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2004-06-04
Release-ID: one010
Music Style: IDM
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