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»101« by Various Artists

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For this first release it was set to unite some of the best musicians we know in different genres. Gathered here, they smoothly mind the gap between their respective styles; idm, guitar, one channel, low-fi, ambient, techno, etc., What better way to represent One and protest the shortsighted slant that ‘genres’ create, than to join it all under one roof?

With contributions from Makunouchi Bento, Lackluster, Ronny Pries, randomajestiq, relative q, colophon, plosive, Sense, _KhlEr3L, pinkj, and Whitenoiz – You’d be hard pressed to find such a diverse album with this level of talent anywhere on the store shelves.

  1. intro - park interlude
  2. relative q - your distant eyes
  3. plosive - pavlovian fear
  4. randomajestiq - meskalin13
  5. sense - zed
  6. _khER3L - temposhifterD
  7. makunouchi bento - Soare cu dinti
  8. lackluster - ll180302
  9. ronny pries - bc022
  10. pinkj - sylh
  11. whitenoiz - statetostate
  12. makunouchi bento - milipong
  13. colophon - main theme or end theme

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2004-02-01
Release-ID: one001
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