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»movin on« by Various Artists

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we are all surrounded by layers of sounds. it does not matter if they are machine-generated noise or the ones of nature, but all of the sounds around us have their own unique tonalities and rhythms. while some just take them for granted, these artists here find them fascinating and construct music out of the pieces of the best moments of the sounds they encounter.

scenes change, and so do sounds. whatever the scene you may be into now, this is something for you to listen to. this is minimal at its best. you do not have to think about the concept or how the pieces are constructed as the musicians here have already done that for you. you can just let it flow wherever you may be at.

so we now present you our second compilation album as we are ‘movin on.’

Netlabel: -n
Release Date: 2006-06-28
Release-ID: mn012
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