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»picnic plan ep« by masaya sasaki

Cover of picnic plan ep

panic (picnic) plan

what we do is always wrong, and when we realize it, it’s usually already gone far and beyond our control.

from the fragments of the faded daily life, from the ‘broken pieces,’ we try to play backwards the daily life to the starting point, but the result is always monstrously distorted and unstable.

i’m always thinking of visionary sounds, sounds of some imaginary creatures or simply new sounds. they still haven’t come to me yet.

at the moment, i’m like a cloud in the right yet unstable form transforming into something else before long. - masaya sasaki

  • the flash cover art features ‘quino’ ( - beautiful two-part flash animation created by poeyama.

Netlabel: -n
Release Date: 2006-01-13
Release-ID: mn008
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