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»scatter stars« by andrey kiritchenko

Cover of scatter stars

-n returns with a solo effort by andrey kiritchenko, with a palette full of rhythms and textures of the spaces in, around and between us. the first track ‘spreading comets’ also kicked off our release last month - we now hear it in a more personal context. the melodies that seemed brooding just last month seem less sinister in the arc of the 4 tracks. rhythm returns us to a more familiar place before we embark away from the familiar. ‘scatter stars’ continues the journey with a persistent meditation on the sounds around us. the melodic drone produces a wakeful dreamstate as we listen to the everyday. the dream waxes into tension as ‘spread your satellites’ begins with repetition that becomes drone, opening the ears to the rhythms and tones sitting just behind us. the ep closes with ‘mythree,’ as melodies melt into washes of noise, then rhythms, before returning to a more familiar groove and tempo. and just when we think we have made a journey, we realize that we are exactly where we began. - by arp laszlo

Netlabel: -n
Release Date: 2005-04-13
Release-ID: mn002
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