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»Slugabed« by Xhale

Cover of Slugabed

After releasing tracks and remixes on countless different places and labels, its finally time for miasmah founder and labelowner Erik Skodvin to release a full length album. Material wise containing tracks made during 2001-2002, including some of his best works to date. For the ones familiar with his style, you will not be disapointed .. carrying melancholy melody lines and experimental ambient cuts in this electronica wired approach. Slugabed ends off using the help of trumpet player Frode Kloevtveit, gaining some soothing jazz inputs as a final act to the LP. A diverse yet conjoint collection of tracks.

  1. lead connection
  2. earlier today
  3. audio el saturday
  4. mrs. burgundy
  5. paprika
  6. in the bathtub
  7. mouthwash
  8. i wish something could happen
  9. source fictionere

Netlabel: Miasmah
Release Date: 2004-08-17
Release-ID: mia056
Music Style: AMBIENT
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