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»Lighted Apartment Compilation« by Various Artists

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miasmah finally hits a round number .. nr.50 ! and that calls for celebration! we have gathered tracks from a selection of highly international artists , whom all do severely atmospheric ambients, perfect for this time of year! we have several newcomers to the miasmah roster this time also! like the mysterious hmm from the wast swamps of finland, rice eating sabi from japan, u.s resident helioce and french talking julien neto. while steady releasing miasmah peeps like supine,xhale, solitaire albread and sense are known to most regular miaguys/girls.

the music ranges from drifting landscape pads, accoustic sounds of hammering glasses, to darker technoish monotonism. overall, just what you need to get yourself through the cold and windy autumn nights.

Netlabel: Miasmah
Release Date: 2003-11-22
Release-ID: mia050
Music Style: AMBIENT
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