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»Kkontrast EP« by Genox

Cover of Kkontrast EP

continuing the line of EPs released comes genox with his 5-track, ‘kkontrast’. this one showcases the more experimental side to miasmah, the tracks ranging from psychedelic to ambient to twisted dub/dnb breaks in ‘shower hour (bobby mix)’, the standout track for me. the ep could almost be seen as one continuous track as there are no gaps where each track begins and ends (better get the gapless output plugin for winamp :). all in all this is certainly something rather special and very refreshing from another newcomer to miasmah. (and in case you were wondering what has happened to the home-boys, xhale, opiate and supine all have tracks in the works so standby hombré.)

Netlabel: Miasmah
Release Date: 2003-11-22
Release-ID: mia031
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