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»The Brink Of Destruction / Bit Defender« by disrupt

Cover of The Brink Of Destruction / Bit Defender

Two cracking disrupt versions of Jahtari killah riddims on this hissing low end beauty: John Frum’s deep “January Dub” and Blaze Dem’s “Roots Defender”. Both of which originally appeared on our recent JTR01-12” and the following label compilation “JAHTARIAN DUBBERS VOL. 1”, now fresh out on CD.

“The Brink Of Destruction” twists John Frum’s echo landscape towards a more rough countryside: a raw beatbox drum pattern, a blasting bassline and a skank right from the electronics gear junkyard are driving the big synth line onwards to, well, the brink of definite destruction. Can machines govern man? Does that mean total disintegration now? Precisely. The War Machines are loose.

With “Bit Defender” you’ll be fully automatic in the hands of the computahs. Travelling at light speed and on the peak of a big bass wave the journey goes on with ever-building intensity towards a point where space is boundless. Beware of that surprising turn the tune takes and the mind blasting final. High-G-Suit recommened for safe listening.

Netlabel: Jahtari
Release Date: 2008-07-03
Release-ID: jtrnet17
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