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»Farmer In The Sky / Depth Charge« by Jahtari Riddim Force

Cover of Farmer In The Sky / Depth Charge

Rootah and disrupt unite again for an extremely smoked out jam session on two forgotten Wackies riddims as the “Jahtari Riddim Force”. What you hear now is the result of when analogue gear pushed to its limits clashes with a sensi- circuit-bent Laptop…

“Farmer In The Sky” comes along with a laid back but tricky bass pattern, hypnotically driven offbeats, a great organ line by Dub navigatah John Frum and generally lots of surprises up the sleeve of your virtual space suit. All that while giving a nod to Robert A. Heinlein’s classic SciFi-novel of the same title.

On side B “Depth Charge” lifts off full force with deep echo madness, wide explosions in 3D, basslines coming straight from a Black Hole and crunchy 8bit-Gamma-rays from beyond the dibbi dibbi rings of Saturn!

Watch that tape hiss on your intercom!

Netlabel: Jahtari
Release Date: 2007-12-17
Release-ID: jtrnet15
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