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»Brennen Euch Ab/Safe In The Fire Dub« by Fleur Earth & Gringo Starr / Ras Amerlock

Cover of Brennen Euch Ab/Safe In The Fire Dub

Id.eology-veteran Gringo Starr (Broke Gringos, D’Akkord Records) is taking this disrupt riddim on a minimal trip through thick layers of purple haze down to unknown depths. The mystic vocals of Fleur Earth on top are guaranteed to haunt you for days, burning straight down your ear tract, leaving only a smoking heap of ashes. Spliff ashes, that is.

On the B-Side Dub Firefighter Ras Amerlock attacks the original riddim with a flame throwing bassline, heat seeking echo missiles and fire-spitting roughness that makes you wish to have a bucket of water nearby. Just in case, to extinguish the smoldering remnants of your hifi system. Better put on your asbestos suit before hitting the play button.

“Burning You Down” now!

Netlabel: Jahtari
Release Date: 2007-08-05
Release-ID: jtrnet14
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