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»Fight The Formation / Poor Girl« by Illyah & Ltd. Candy

Cover of Fight The Formation / Poor Girl

Superdeep vocal release by the mysterious Dub duo Illyah & Ltd. Candy! With their Electronica synths re-configured to an hitherto unknown Roots matrix they manage to travel effortlessly through the inner and outer rims of Dub, leaving all genre boundaries behind - and creating something truely unique on the way!

“Fight The Formation” will instantly grip you by the virtual throat with its honest-to-bone drums and the high voltage waves of Illyah’s old Hungarian oscillator. On top of that Candy’s husky female vocal harmonies won’t fail to send electrifying heebie-jeebies up and down your spine while the hookline is sure to haunt you for days! You have been warned!

“Poor Girl” comes from a more classical Dub angle. Around heavy offbeats Candy’s harmonies are driven to mind-blowing perfection here, culminating in a fine spacy climax full of deepest deepness wherever you look.

Have echo-sex on this one!

Netlabel: Jahtari
Release Date: 2007-03-07
Release-ID: jtrnet12
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