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»Sensi Addict« by Mikey Murka

Cover of Sensi Addict

Unity-legend Mikey Murka on a classic old-school digital smasher - a true hymn on the good sensimilla! Apart from Mikey’s incredible vocal niceness this one includes rocking drummachine action, original spliff lighting sounds, smoked out surprises from beginning to end and loads of good vibes - simply a great and fun-packed document of the unforgettable times we had back in April when Mikey and Kris Kemist from Realityshock were over in Germany for some days full of Reggae music from dusk till dawn. In case summer hasn’t caught up on you yet this track will supply just the right spark to light it up. More fine tunes by Mikey in the tube so check back soon for that!

The same riddim again on B - but this time fully into 8bit-arcade-mode for the coin-operated MP3 player of your choice, you might want to wiggle the beat along with an old joystick here! The tune makes funky use of the original Donkey Kong arcade machine recordings from THIS awesome project: back in 1982 two kids grabbed a stereo cassette recorder and started to tape all the beautiful crunchy noises those brilliant arcade machines possibly can create. As well as the atmosphere around them - and the idea itself! Altogether fourteen (!) cassettes, available for free download at, highly recommended. Not only an unvaluable time document but also an important cultural heritage preserved! Thanks Dan!

And if you’re still pondering about the connection between the good herbs and Donkey Kong simply check THIS screenshot from the arcade version. Then all becomes clear - or smoky. Enjoy!

Netlabel: Jahtari
Release Date: 2006-05-30
Release-ID: jtrnet08
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