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»Martial World / Dubness Of This Creation« by Blaze Dem

Cover of Martial World / Dubness Of This Creation

Two very deep tracks this time coming from BLAZE DEM here on Jahtari-Net-7” number five!

‘MARTIAL WORLD’ is a straight subbass smasher, shaking the very roots of dub. Drilling its way continuously forward - and inward - while sending delays off along every axis of the room and bending waveforms around them a huge melody materializes from the sheer space and stays forever! A track full of greatness, raise your fist to that one!

‘DUBNESS OF THIS CREATION’ puts the bass in even deeper and rougher territory, paving the way for incredible soundscapes containing the message of Rastafari itself! Slightly different and very subtle approach to the field of Digital Laptop Reggae.

Netlabel: Jahtari
Release Date: 2005-05-22
Release-ID: jtrnet05
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