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»Jack-Jack« by Killahertz

Cover of Jack-Jack

In short this musical piece can be described as full of very spacious and at times futuristic sound sketches with slight touch of almost tribal rhythms.

Imagine late night urban wanderers, free from their daily routines, roaming the city while the sun is leaving its sky headquarters. Imagine the silence on the roof of the highest building in the metropolis sleep districts. This is when one can hear all the emotions within, almost naive and bordering infantile simplicity.

Jack-Jack is an exercise in building of a micro garden in the concrete jungle of today`s live. Each track of the release is an essential part, but changing the order may give you your own routes. In any case you will get to all the points before the sunrise. Enjoy your trip!

Netlabel: Fragment
Release Date: 2005-05-26
Release-ID: frag001
Music Style: MINIMAL
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