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»Deviation EP« by Dublee

Cover of Deviation EP

Flowing down the pipeline of quality this month are a pack of smooth, soulful, deep-tech sounds from the lovely, Dublee. Indeed your favourite lab wishes you a pleasant onset of winter weather by delivering you with these warm dance tracks.

At first listen one notices immediately the friendly accessible house sounds- the glittering pads, the trace guitar flicks, the melodic mini-solos and the tight and cleanly drum lines. As the listeners is drawn in closer- he is then greeted by ever so plump baselines and their heavy, round presence. Ahh, the funknot so much that you start looking for your platform shoes- but just the right doseallowing you to approach the hotty on the dance floor with a stack of confidence you didnt know you hadin fact you dontbut Dublee doesand its coming through thick in his music.

Continue the freshness he does, and its you who are benefiting as the these tracks delve deep into the electronic wardrobe bringing out the subtle elements of soul and jazz- finely draped in modern house attire. Joining the slickness this time around is resident professional Paul Keeley- adding his signature classy infusion to the remixe. Kickback, relax and get your warm-up suits out the closet and let Dublee trick out your weekenddeviation stylemmmm.

  1. Twin (classic mix)
  2. Gallop
  3. Twin (Dublee remix)
  4. Twin (Paul Keeley mix)

Run time 28min

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2005-12-08
Release-ID: eps21
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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