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»Live @ Neuchatel« by Eloi Brunelle

Cover of Live @ Neuchatel

Sometimes in this dynamic and ever changing world of dance music a live set goes down that captures and reflects the feelings and moments that were present during the performance. It is these sets that are happily collected and revisited by the listener- and thus the vibe can be reborn again and again. This next release on Epsilonlab is just that- a timeless set recorded live. repeat LIVE in Switzerland back in 2002. The artist you ask? It is of course none other than the man with the plan, Montreals own, Eloi Brunelle. Yes, after the initial limited CD release (which sold out completely), this mix is now available as a free MP3 download. Let the good times roll! This mix showcases Elois knowledge of how exactly to keep a crowd rocking and how to mix flawlessly between musical peeks and valleys- creating a chunky, pumping house journey that breathes with the audience. One wouldnt know that this mix relies strictly on Elois technical and musical spontaneity, as there are no records being used here! The sonic array spans across the deep and funky horizonswith a dash of soulful and tech elements thrown in for good measure. Eloi builds up waves of energy and releases them with seamless continuityalways keeping the vibe fresh and excited. This mix is definitely one to have in your collection as it offers up a true dose of live prowessnot to mention a slew of awesome tunesand that elusive crowd excitement you can hear and feelrevisit this magical day once again, or feel it anew for the first timelive at Neutchatel.

Written by Vincent Casanova & translated to french by The Autist
Designed by Jean-François Bastien

  1. Live @ Neuchatel

Run time 1h01

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2005-09-15
Release-ID: eps19
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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