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»Expanding Itself« by Sensual Physics

Cover of Expanding Itself

Did you ever wonder how the name Sensual Physics came into being? Well, for this next release on Epsilonlab, we get a glimpse into the lovely, linear soundscapes and deep, minimal grooves that comprise Joerg Schusters musical brainchild. This beautiful four-track EP spans the realm of intelligent dance music in absolute modern day elegance.

Each of the tracks are built upon super-tight, synthetic drum structures; which provide a clean, clicky, club-teasing pulse. The drums are then surrounded by and drenched in, a variety of bleeps, melodic riffs, geometric warbles and warm, glowing pads that stir about and give the listener something new in each passing moment. All of the sounds are mixed to perfection and arrive and disappear like a series of wonderful dreams that you want to hold on to, but cant seem to grasp.

At times, vocal phrases and dubby elements join the musical atmosphere to add yet another layer of sophistication and aural stimulation. One could imagine these tracks being played in a posh lounge in conjunction with tall mojitos, or during the warm-up phase at a super club- when people gather in the darkness under a slowly churning disco ball, or even on a skyscraper rooftop after party in NYC at dawn. Yes friends, Sensual Physics has indeed delivered a new collection of liquid, micro-tech droplets with a symbiotic heritage of Detroit class and German chicgrab your sunglasses, your lovers, your desire for ultra-cool house music and let the expanding begin

  1. Let’s Call Them Friends
  2. Cold Sweat
  3. I Think For Myself
  4. Days of Sorrow and Hope

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2005-06-27
Release-ID: eps17
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