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»Piknic moderne« by Eloi Brunelle

Cover of Piknic moderne

The Piknic Electronik in Montreal are an increasingly popular event held on Sunday afternoons, which features a variety of local djs playing under the sun, and are an ideal way to wind down the weekend. This year, the organisers decided they needed a theme song, and Eloi was recruited for the job.

The task was special in that they needed not only a simple soundtrack, but rather something that represented the different styles of music featured at the events, which ranges from deep house to techno, via electro and drum & bass.

Along with the original version, we bring you 3 remixes by different artists in the Epsilonlab stable; Mossa with a more organic interpretation, Pheek with a hypnotic, minimal version, and last but not least Mateo Murphys intense yet melodic remix. An essential addition to your daily musical intake.

  1. Piknic moderne
  2. Piknic moderne (Mossa Remix)
  3. Piknic moderne (Pheek Remix)
  4. Piknic moderne (Mateo Murphy Remix)

Run time 29:09

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2004-07-03
Release-ID: eps04
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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