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»Black Foundation Dub« by Mossa

Cover of Black Foundation Dub

It’s been a while since Epsilonlab wanted Mossa on-board to participate in our journey into innovative tech house. This piece will surprise you to no end, as he shares his own views on our sound direction.

As part of the Complot label–and as a DJ at Les Folies–Mossa’s hardly a newcomer to the music community. He also proudly plays in a funk band, testing every musical avenue he can find. Its no surprise then that his approach to sound is delicate, sharp, humour-filled and quite sensitive.

This first release with can be described as pure tech house, filled with all-over-the-place samples and a gentle nod to Akufen. Of course, the original, and increasingly popular, Mossa touch still drives the record. Let yourself dive into the dubby journey of Black Foundation!

  1. Black Foundation Dub
  2. Fat Camel
  3. On The Stone
  4. Sure Kill

Run time 22:34

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2004-05-19
Release-ID: eps02
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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