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»Nadador« by Fernando Lagreca

Cover of Nadador

While listening to ‘Nadador’ (engl.: ‘swimmer’) one might get the impression that Fernando Lagreca must be an entirely happy person, as these eight songs are so full of friendly sun spots spraying out the first blossoms of spring.

“The swimmer keeps crawling in the water, a continous looping movement which is the only possibility to avoid sinking down the ground. A swimmer is always on the run and so is Nadador - it is about movement and progression.” Fernando states.

Mixing glitches with oscillations ‘Nadador’ carries this certain ‘fragility’, rich with maximal expression textures that only people from south-american seem able to transpose. Or did you ever imagine a well distorted e-guitar fading into a warm pop-ambient track resulting another effect then messing up the whole song? Sounds unfamiliar, but conceptual work like in ‘Planea’ stands for the certain characteristics of Fernando Lagrecas song elements. Drift by to the subtropical Fauna ‘Espera’ creates or get overwhelmed by the melodious raindrops glitching off Fernandos ‘Umbrella’. Lagreca creates maximal seducing lullabys, that are full of warmth and liberation.

Take a dip by enjoying this 57 minutes long bath for ‘Nadador’ might manage to make you smile again for when you have a lonely day.

Run time 57:59

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2005-03-22
Release-ID: apl029
Music Style: AMBIENT
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