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»Shall We Go To The Park?« by Konrad Bayer

Cover of Shall We Go To The Park?

Having released some tracks on Compilations and the Album “Dreams Of Leaving” on Genesungswerk, Munich based Konrad Bayer welcomes summer with eight fresh tracks exclusively for Autoplate. On Shall We Go To The Park Konrad invites you to come along on a walk. Find yourself a bench in the sun, smell the blossom and lay-back to the the little accoustic miniatures Konrad offers to you.

Konrad has studied mediasciences, and reflects his researches on the Islamic Media in the middle-east basar sounding Absorbed. After this short intermezzo, Konrad dedicates himself primarily to shifting acoustic guitar melodies. The pieces are all easily accessable, no encrypted sounds - the guitar licks are clean and underlayed with friendly pieces of electronic bits, crackles and zaps. If you listen closely, you figure how subtely Bayer manages to transform guitars into chimes and vice versa. Everlasting statements such as A Time And A Place For Everything hold time still and the moment remains caught within the two chord guitar loop. But Konrad Bayer is no avoider of the bassdrum as you can figure in the ethereal marching Tomorrow Well See. However, no trace of campfire romanticism can be found in any song, promised.

On being asked about the process of creating these tracks, Konrad answers: “Before working on “Shall We Go To The Park?” I spend most of my time listening to Neil Halstead and reading Haikus. Some day I bought myself a very old Atari Game Console from a flea market in a small mountain village. Back home, I plucked the Atari in, still listening to Neil and suddenly it all made sense to me.”

So it does for us - 28 minutes of sensibility merged with needful electronic elements, best enjoyed while picknicking underneath the trees in the park,relaxing on a quilt.

Run time 27:33

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2004-06-08
Release-ID: apl021
Music Style: AMBIENT
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