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»Many Things Worth Living For« by Various Artists

Cover of Many Things Worth Living For

The contributors for this compilation are coming from different areas - there’re reknown Autoplate artists, such as Gultskra Artikler, Off The Sky, Tlon and Marsen Jules; while Silent Q (=Paul Keeley), Lufth and krill.minima use to release on Thinner. Guests are coming from Komplott Sweden (Hans Appelqvist & Osso Bucco) and from Tomlab Germany (Flim, Novisad). Not forgetting to mention: Mitchell Akiyama, Konrad Bayer, I.R.A. and Roland Fiege & DFO.

The compilation starts with the closing doors of “Subways”, and a molecular-urban Tlon Dub unwraps and melts wihin one of the underground intake air shafts of Montréal. Followed up by the rather clinically evolving “Cocon”, krill.minima dissects water drops that are dripping from a glassy spidernet, which is stretched over the operating table. Accordingly, we’re getting acoustic with Konrad Bayer, who stops the time to mingle Sitarstrings with orientalic beats in “Kumulation”. Silent Q’s mellow song “Lofty Gomez” sounds like rain outside with you standing by the window, watching the streets outside, to finally decide not to leave the house. Marsen Jules’ “Serenade” overwhelms the listener with it’s opulent and intense strings. From the far Ukraine, we welcome I.R.A, whose vital “Cage” is a dedication to the same composer. Flim’s “Meet Me In C#” is an acoustic piece, utilizing childhood instruments to jam some melodies carefully together. “Exchange” from Roland Fiege & DFO is a modular piece with smooth harmonies and secure beattactics, that fits the current Spring season well. In “Wonder Coma”, Mitchell Akiyama shredders a wallpaper of sound, until Clarinets and Violas appear out of the nothing to give the piece a tremendous change in tension. Gultskra Artikler’s “Kosmolet” concerns itself with the gorgeous tristesse of the siberian everyday with E-Guitarlicks and Cellos. “Full The Moon” from Hans Appelqvist sounds like poetic-cineastic swedish Folklore composition, yet very exciting with slight and brightly shining pianofigures. But after the protagonist finishs mumbling his poet, the song is changing dramatically. Osso Bucco’s composition “Four Walls” is a crisp construction of layered acoustic guitars, that get subtle manipulations, however never lose their grip in terms of arrangement.

Off The Sky aka Jason Corder is more into wide open fields exploration with the catching and profoundly emotional “Through Her Isolate Divide”. But it is Lufth who is melting steaming, if not oxidising elements in “Instant Magnetic”. Novisad closes the curtain with his sun spot “07”, and you can be excited for the future on Autoplate.

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2004-04-18
Release-ID: apl020
Music Style: AMBIENT
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