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»Gololed« by Gultskra Artikler

Cover of Gololed

Alexey Devyanin aka Stud is for sure not an unknown player in the Netlabelscene along lots of releases on labels like Kikapu, Kahvi or Acediamusic. Being Stud on those labels, Alexey works on Autoplate under his moniker Gultskra Artikler. The first release “Gruppa Turistov” from March 2003 is one of the most critically acclaimed releases on Autoplate so far, with it’s unique blend of Field recordings, Folk improvisations and dense winter acoustic manipulations. The new album “Gololed”, which means “frozen snow” deals with the multidimensional soundprocessing and surprising Freejazz snippets, mingled with drumrolls, however intense with lots of whispering voices, heartbeats, gunshots and those typical acoustic interludes during the tracks. Unlike “Gruppa Turistov”, this time Devyanin radically moves along the Avantgarde borderline, yet reminiscenes to the first EP are obvious in the pieces “Koldun” and “Logoled”.

  1. Gololed
  2. Polojite
  3. Gdetto
  4. Babushka Dnya
  5. Onita
  6. Koldun
  7. Tekto
  8. Starik Hotabitch
  9. Logoled

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2004-01-01
Release-ID: apl019
Music Style: AMBIENT
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