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»Acoustic Lazy Dolls« by Tlon

Cover of Acoustic Lazy Dolls

-one turntable. one needle. one audio object.running aimlessly the needle on the record in movement, a random collection of melodic particle will become the original sound source of a full reinterpretation. Here, the audio object is Jon Hassel and Brian Eno releasePossible Musics. the exclusive utilization of the melodic structures of this unique sound source guarantees the homogeneity of the new pieces. the sound object is reborn in a new context.”

Jean- Sébastien Roux is a quite secret operator in the wide Musicscene of Montréal/Quebec. The album Acoustic Lazy Dolls has been originally released in 2002, in a handnumbered Edition of 100 copies on the CDR Label ORAL. ORAL might be a familiar label that has releases by artists such as Akufen and Thomas Brinkmann. Though this piece is not an oridinary re-release - for this edition, Tlon produced 4 new tracks, just 5 original tunes remained unaltered.

Acoustic Lazy Dolls is a microscopic flow between slowly oscillating electronic impulses and complex Micro-Ambient inspriations. The homogenic touch of the Album is carefully constructed by fragile combinations of odd rhythms and selected sonore structures. A slow, yet organic vibration of single rhythm- and soundparticles invite the listener to perceive the album through a different perspective. Everytime, while lazy listening to it, the sticky-sweet Sinewaves sprinkle in different new flavours.

*Netaudio of the Month (De:Bug 12/2003)

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2003-12-08
Release-ID: apl018
Music Style: AMBIENT
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