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»dto.« by The Moglass & Andrey Kiritchenko

Cover of dto.

The ukrainian pioneer of electronic music, Andrey Kirichenko, returns on Autoplate, this time he showcases with one of the most promising ukrainian talents, The Moglass. If you followed the developments on Andreys imprint Nexsound, you noticed that not only by his collaboration with Kim Cascone and the Polyvox Populi compilations, Nexsound is going strong. With the started mp3 division Nexsound offers very interesting, avantgarde electronica. The untitled album Andrey and The Moglass provide via Autoplate presents tweaked, scenic accoustic material with a grainy, yet warm atmosphere.

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2003-04-04
Release-ID: apl013
Music Style: AMBIENT
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