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»Gruppa Turistov« by Gultskra Artikler

Cover of Gruppa Turistov

Alexey Devyanin aka Stud & Alexey Glazachev are russian musicians from the cold and far Siberia. And when i was shown those pieces of neofolklore, i must admit ive hardly listened to such improvised music. Perfect blends of field recordings, traditional, organic acoustic instruments, speeches and a deep sense of expression shape this release to a styledefining melange of transforming impressions into soundscapes and moving emotionality. To describe it with one word: “Perfect!”. And once again Thomas Ekelund anticipated and to create a unique artwork for this release.

  1. Cherez More
  2. Makar Nikolaevich & Misli
  3. V Taverne Zabugrom
  4. Elena
  5. Teplo Spokoyno I Yabloko
  6. Punkt Gorod

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2003-03-03
Release-ID: apl012
Music Style: AMBIENT
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