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»Unclassifi EP« by Randomajestiq

Cover of Unclassifi EP

Vladimir Hropov and Andrew Kolochinsky might be familiar names under their “Randomajestiq” music project, with releases out on Subsource (De:Bug netaudio of the month) and Kikapu. The two artists describe themselves as two scientists hiding from civilization and exploring it from the underground perspective.

On Autoplate they start our focus on the east-europe musicscene which will last for a couple of releases, and bring a 12 song ep which thematically deals with the exploration of Area 51. They express themselves with different flavours of either gentle flowing soundscapes, warm expanding space pads and harsh metallic beats. Although the album is produced completly digital, the sounds sound analogue to me in the majority, and therefore with classic reminisces to mid 90s electronica. Songs like “Nsomnia” or “Nikkl” dig deeply into emotional electronics while tracks like “R-Type” or “Green Fireball” have a more industrial approach.

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2003-02-02
Release-ID: apl011
Music Style: AMBIENT
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