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»Vibrating Colours - Coloured Vibrations« by Dighom

Cover of Vibrating Colours - Coloured Vibrations

Dighom produces drones and soundscapes, but no new age or elevator muzak. There is always a tension keeping your mind awake. It’s very important to Dighom to turn into a mental constitution that permits that music plays the musician and not vice versa. His music would be unthinkable without a living spirituality, where music plays a main role. Don’t be afraid: You don’t need to convert to some suspicious pagan religion. The awareness of music as an existing intelligence, that is able to communicate, is all there is about Dighom’s philosophy. Thus a musician is a messenger and a servant of this entity. It’s very similar to the spirituality of the Native American Indian. No dogmatism, everything is god.

Almost all of his music is made without samples and synths and it’s recorded live without overdubs. The main oscillator is a selfmade fretless bass, sometimes he uses a modified guitar. These are heavy processed through several FX-Boxes. Dighom likes to control a lot of parameters as well as random processes. Every now and then some fieldrecordings are admixed.

For this album Dighom tried to imagine the communication of trees. The music possibly assists people to enter a state of mind which is necessary to get in contact with the spirits of the forest.

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2003-02-24
Release-ID: apl009
Music Style: AMBIENT
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