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»Buff My Pylon« by Sickmoth

Cover of Buff My Pylon

sickmoth follows in tune with the “Seasons” by assertively firm, as well as more shy, delicate ideas, all processed through his hybrid construction of organic and synthetic instruments.

“Eggmanfilth” is at first an exemplar of the first kind, but later takes in some ambient elements to create something more restrained. “Red sun” starts as full blown ambient affair with great roominess and distance, but reverses the flow of the starter track and sucks up some distorted guitars plus a solid drum arrangement, thereby breaking up the mood slightly.

“Fatty wants some peanuts!” The third track makes a deep nutritional statement as well providing the properly groovy musical background for consuming vegetables. Staying with the educational theme, “buff my pylon” is a quote from Tommy Vance giving advice to people in prison. Sonic escapism provided in full.

Netlabel: Aquavelvas
Release Date: 2006-11-17
Release-ID: aqv011
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