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»We Have Reasons« by Camp

Cover of We Have Reasons

Alpinechic presents another great release, this time by Camp, one of our favorites local band. After more than 1 year of impatient waiting we have been greeted by this small 4 track gem of incredible electro rock in pop fashion, as a preview of their forthcoming full length album “Iconography” which will be released in September.

Like a compass has 4 directions and a centre, this 4-track EP shows us many ways one band can go without losing its way. At moments introspective and gloomy, at moments explosive and cathartic, this release, mostly the work of frontman Dominic Suter, is a mixture between 80s electronic pop and the late new wave rock, all fused in great pop mannerism and a perfect sense of song aesthetics. Dominic’s great talent is to be able to express all his feelings with simple and effective melodies as well as putting a big amount of emotion in his, at times almost whispered voice.

If emotionally the message is clear, musically it s bright! From the catchy and radio friendly “Teach Me” to the intense “We Have Reasons”, you will probably find yourself singing along and wondering.. is this really Camp? Well yes it is!

Netlabel: AlpineChic
Release Date: 2005-07-18
Release-ID: ac014
Music Style: ELEKTRO – ROCK
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