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»Play' Tekno Is Not A Crime« by Uese

Cover of Play' Tekno Is Not A Crime

AlpineChic’s 8th release is a unique electro-techno mini album delivered by Uese, a Zürich based electronic performer and hard disc music producer already well known in the swiss night club scene for his role in Clos-O-Mat (Bitboutique Records). “Play’ Tekno Is Not A Crime” is a fantastic choice of four differents sound experiences that are minimal and sophisticated at the same time. The penetrating melodies will hypnotize your brain, while the motorik evolution of the beats will take possession of your soul. Let your body dance but be careful: ‘Play’ Tekno Is Not A crime’ will make you addicted to Uese.

Netlabel: AlpineChic
Release Date: 2004-09-15
Release-ID: ac008
Music Style: TECHNO
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