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»The 8bits of Christmas« by The 8bitpeoples

Cover of The 8bits of Christmas

This very special holiday release from 8bitpeoples features an allstar cross-platform lineup that is sure to make yours a truly chippy christmas indeed. Brought together from all corners of the globe, these 8 amazing tunes were composed by 8 dedicated chiptune maniacs on 8 different videogame consoles and homecomputers! Featuring the sounds of Yerzmyey on the Spectrum, Nullsleep on the NES, Vim on the VIC20, Paul Slocum on the Atari 2600, Bit Shifter on the GameBoy, Goto80 on the C64, Dma-Sc on the Atari ST, and Hally on the X68000, there is only one way to celebrate the holidays right this year, and this is it.


  1. yerzmyey - merry christmas! jesus holy, born so lowly
  2. nullsleep - silent night
  3. vim - when a child is bored
  4. paul slocum - up on the housetop
  5. bit shifter - let it snow
  6. goto80 - last christmas (hot digi remix)
  7. dma-sc - the first blip blop noel
  8. hally - xmas songs plastic sputnik arcade punk remix

Netlabel: 8bitpeoples
Release Date: 2003-12-07
Release-ID: 8bp038
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