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»My Fiero« by Mesu Kasumai

Cover of My Fiero

Mesu Kasumai, the self-proclaimed king of electrochip wobblefunk, brings you My Fiero, his jaw-dropping debut release on 8bitpeoples. Some of the best electro remixes of classic 80s pop songs on the planet, this album is sure to amaze you … whether you are amazed at the fresh stylings Mesu Kasumai gives these old tunes or the fact that someone could still be so obsessed with a decade that brought us such wonders as the Rubik’s Cube and Max Headroom is another question. So get ready to be blown away by nonstop megahits from the likes of Michael Jackson, Gary Numan, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol rewritten in what one could argue must have some bizarre alternate universe. This is one rocking release you will not soon forget … for better or worse!

Netlabel: 8bitpeoples
Release Date: 2003-09-07
Release-ID: 8bp032
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