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what is ansiform?

in short, ansiform is a nebulous collective that releases ambient electronic music to download for free. generally, groups like ansiform are referred to as netlabels.

the word ansiform means “shaped like a loop”.

what is ambient electronic music?

ambient often means different things to different people. read the ambient music article on wikipedia to see just how widely the term is applied.

the ansiform flavor of ambient is unobtrusive, beatless, finely textured, and stable. many tracks in our collection demonstrate inspiration drawn from disparate genres such as noise, dub or pop music. it’s ideal for sleeping, meditating, and cleansing the aural palate.

describing sounds with words never does justice; the best way to get a sense for how it sounds is by hearing it, so hear it!

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Releases in Catalogue: 46
Netlabel-ID: ansi
Music Style: AMBIENT


  • Cover of fluids
  • Cover of artroom
  • Cover of the artificial lake