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»The Watcher And The Tower« by Holger Flinsch

Cover of The Watcher And The Tower

Holger Flinsch is a member of the Neu-Isenburg (close to Frankfurt) Choke Music Label family that includes the Labels Choke Music, 440Hz, 3D, Eruptive, and Holgers own imprint Basalt Recordings. Besides his own releases on all of those mentioned labels, Flinsch has had a string of releases on other established Frankfurt dubtech labels, such as Pascal F.E.O.S’s Phono Elements, Punkt Music and the Elektrolux Sublabel Mikrolux.

Flinsch debuts on Thinner with a fine monotone clubby dubtech EP, that comes up with four tight groovers, all within the Flinsch trademark atmospheric densities. The opener “Navigator” is a chilly, soulful piece that gently floats within a slowly chilled beat environment. The second piece “Timewind” is a tight minimal groover, whose enlightening Underworld-pads and wave signal transmissions create a mental atmosphere. “Moonfloat”, with it’s concrete bassdrum and dreamy pad, is a functional techdub clubber whilst “Information”, with it’s slacky hihats, cloudy pads and rumbling bassline is more sort of a solid dubtech engine.

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2004-03-29
Release-ID: thn053
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB
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