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»Sussex Blue EP« by Paul Keeley

Cover of Sussex Blue EP
Music is not available anymore and taken down. :(

Paul Keeley has been writing electronic music for over eight years, under various different guises and styles. His first foray into musical composition occurred in earnest at the age of 14, where after having owned his first computer, he discovered .MOD files and the demo scene surrounding them. There was no turning back. As the technology progressed, so did his music, embodying at times ambient and melodic atmospheric moods. Since that time, Paul has written electronic music under numerous aliases, in- cluding Silent Q, his IDM-infused melody-driven moniker, and Gyges, the experimental abstract atmospheric side of his musical character. To help to achieve a sense of musical balance, and to preserve his sanity, Paul also played electric guitar with a progressive rock band in his hometown, acting as co-songwriter and producer for their three recorded albums. After leaving his home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and living in Montreal for a year and a half, Paul developed an acute taste for house music.

Paul currently lives in Vancouver, BC, where he continues to write electronic music of all varieties, yet still focuses on the deep and warm glitch-house style he has developed over the past year. The “Sussex Blue EP” is a warm blissed-out minimal midnight deephouse EP, that comes with four tracks by Paul Keeley and additional remixes by Dennis DeSantis, Sean Byrd and Pheek. “Sussex Blue” works with cut-up female breathes and reverbed spaced-out pads that are put over chilled minimal house beats. Far away lighthouse stabs signalize the direction through the dusty steam and dense atmospheres. “Lubyu” is a bit more open towards the floor, with shuffled hihats over house voice frenzys. “Bumper” works with endless synth pads and voice fluxes while in the background new pads are shifted up and down and finally erupt like lava streams. “Smynk” is the ultimate spaced-out minimal house anthem that slow-mos the most unforget- table moments of neverending nights. Also watch out for the stunning remixes by Dennis DeSantis, Sean Byrd and Pheek.

  1. Sussex Blue
  2. Lubyu
  3. Bumper
  4. Smynk
  5. Lubyu (Dennis DeSantis Mix)
  6. Sussex Blue (Sean Byrd Rmx)
  7. Smynk (Pheek Rmx)

43min 12sec

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2004-01-05
Release-ID: thn048
Music Style: DUBTECHNO – DUB