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»Norddeutsch EP« by Surphase & Rktic

Cover of Norddeutsch EP

Rktic aka Ronny Pries and Marko Fürstenberg aka Surphase are longtime musicians who share a strong passion for electronic dub. Both already proved with a bunch of own releases on Thinner how to create clubby dubtech tracks that work in every club. The “Norddeutsch EP” has been produced a while ago when Surphase spent time in Northeast Germany.

Rktic himself is a native Hamburgian ever since, so the geographical proximity allowed a characterizing topic for their collaboration. And the tracks themselves just sound like there’s no doubt the music couldn’t be else then from the North. What we hear are four cold techdubs with a sharp and fresh breeze, easy to utilize down in the club for every MP3 DJ. Tracks wearing classical cutoff stabs, deep basslines and tough bassdrums. This one should please the people that can’t get enough of dubby shifted phasing chords, delays and closed hihats.

This EP is definitely proper material that comes from a tight pre-and postproduction.

  1. “Tidenhub”
  2. “Trockendock”
  3. “Elbwärts”
  4. “Südschleuse”

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2003-10-07
Release-ID: thn040
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