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»Enas« by Selffish

Cover of Enas

Strong delayed, we finally make it to release Selffishs longawaited album before christmas (remember his critically high acclaimed track “Oblivion” on THN010). And we’ll make worth your while, his album is a mixture of finest elektrolux styled downtempo loungegrooves. Blends with harmonic synth pads, ambience and lots of dust in the air fit perfect in the cold and mean winter time - 40 minutes of pure sensual enjoyment, relaxedness and thoughtful beats.

Huge like a comet theres the short, though big scaped “Intro” which directly connects to “Playground”. This song begins with pure percussion beats until shy stabs and later on filtered circles of strings make your head nod to the rhythms. “Beyond” starts Thinner-unlike with a distorted guitar (!), but don’t even think about skipping this track - this dazzling melange of intelligent beats, dense atmosphere, evolving pads and glassy pianochords is really decent. “Born Digital” keeps this mixture, but a bit more minimal in soundscapes and mroe intense in the beats. “Long-loco-out Thrill” probably is the main song of this album,spacey fx, a wooden bass and delightful minimal tambourine plus bongo patterns in best Space Night theme. “Digital Image” is a song which has been lying in our archives quite a while, a supertrance hymn at its best, quiet, wide, straight, open and those nice chilly guitar licks in this song. “Prototype 1” unfolds reduced acid tweaks and the album fades out in a black hole.


  1. Selffish - “Intro”
  2. Selffish - “Playground”
  3. Selffish - “Beyond”
  4. Selffish - “Born Digital”
  5. Selffish - “Long-loco-out Thrill”
  6. Selffish - “Digital Image”
  7. Selffish - “Prototype 1”

Netlabel: Thinner
Release Date: 2002-12-16
Release-ID: thn023
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