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»strada del sol« by Fenin

Cover of strada del sol

Fenin is a long time textone family member. For the last year he has been missing from the dinner table as he was busy with a full album for Shitkatapult and a great EP for Echocord. The work chosen for this release reflects Fenin’s other side. Funky and fun. Jackin’ and cheeky. The opening track, “Gone with”, is the kind of track we like to call “had one too many”. It sways from side to side in that confused way you walk when you had too many cold ones. “Record me” is like liquid funk streaming down a shallow hill. Melodic and smooth and relentlessly driving. The next track, “Toes Vibrate” is one of them deep moments covered in textures and tones. A bit more like Fenin’s dubby releases yet messed up in the way that you can expect from textone. To round up the release we have “Locked”. The track starts off heavy like a circus elephant, but suddenly in come the clowns and turn the whole vibe around. Almost a gipsy melody without bringing out any accordions.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2005-09-03
Release-ID: txtn029
Music Style: MINIMAL
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