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»Moonlight Dub EP« by Leif

Cover of Moonlight Dub EP

Inbetween the missionary work to convert our esteemed vinyl artists to contribute to the brave new world of online publishing, Textone is always more than happy to discover and introduce talented new faces. The latest member of the Textone collective, 21-year old Leif, has already turned some heads in the UK with first his output, but has thus far remained relatively obscure on the continental side of Europe.

On this dubby six-tracker, Leif suprises with a thoroughly mature lush sound, simply oozing warmth and round richness. The first two tracks are essential floor movers, while the remaining titles venture ever further into the depths of dub abstractions. ‘Crowded Rooms’ lets your get your funk on, adding percussion patterns with just a hint of tribal drive. Add the fat kick and you end up with a real crowd winner. ‘Soft Landing’ opens big reverberated spaces and beautiful attenuated chord hits. ‘Effervescent’ lengthens the reverb and delay lines for headphone pleasures before the title track, ‘Moonlight Dub’, wanders off with cascading echos plunging into warm dub chord streams.’Winter Dub’ suveys wide snow-covered pastures with delicate footsteps while finally ‘Subject Dub’ takes you full-circle, reconnecting to the dancefloor. Big.

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2004-02-03
Release-ID: txtn011
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